Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As the walls close in

Looks like we're in the final hours of Brady Quinn being a Cleveland Brown. I can say this much: I'll never, ever, come back as a fan of this franchise for as long as I live. Never.

I love the sport of the NFL. I love the orange helmet, the city by the lake, the colors, the whole underdog and heartbreak shit that Cleveland portrays in every vaudeville act. But I swear on my life the moment they trade Brady Quinn; I'm done with the Browns forever.

They mis-handled Tim Couch. And they've mis-handled this situation from almost day one. They cast Quinn off while the organization hangs onto guys like Eric Mangini and Brian Daboll? They don't worship Christ, they reward the Devil in Cleveland's front office.

Honestly, the fans deserve a winner. But that organization does not. Starting with that spineless, weird fuck Randy Lerner. Mike Holmgren, Eric Mangini, Daboll, Lerner, they can all piss up a rope. I'm done with this loser franchise that will never taste the oils of victory at the level they think they're headed. It will always be a mirage, and always one too many bad decisions. They run their 'company' very poorly.

I can't wait until Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets go into Cleveland Browns Stadium and take refuge of the fucking place like every other guest has the past decade.

Loser franchise, always has been and always will be. Brady, thanks for always being the good solider and giving it your all. You know as well as most do that you're lucky to be getting out.


  1. fairweather fan with a brady quinn complex

  2. Come root for the Bengals - at least we make the playoffs occasionally...

  3. Now who is going to hand signal the defense what the scout offense is gonna do during practice to make himself look better?

    "NOW I'M DONE"

  4. "the oils of victory"

    I think you just coined a new phrase, my friend. Well done.

  5. Uh, Brady Quinn sucks

  6. Brady Quinn is a horrible quarterback, they're lucky they got a 6th round pick for him, he NEVER won a big game in college, they shouldn't have wasted a first round pick on him, he has never shown any inkling of NFL talent at any point during his collegiate or NFL career

  7. Lookit, the biggest mistake the Browns made with Brady Quinn was drafting his sorry ass in the first place; if this mediocre college QB had played in a different region of the country, does anyone think he would have ended up in Cleveland at all?