Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weighing in on Quinn's Wrong Place-Wrong Time Incident

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a story broke earlier today accusing Brady Quinn; the Godfather of this blog and my favorite athlete in sports today, of calling an individual a 'faggot'. The alleged incident was said to occur on New Years Eve in Columbus while Quinn was at La Fogata, which is a bar here that is down on campus and frequented by many college students. It happens to be next to what I'm told is the most popular gay bar in the city, the Union Bar.

Some freak calls 911, generally sounds like a sketchy individual himself, and then says that 'he needs to go there is going to be trouble'.

It sounded like horse shit to me, and without a doubt, it is. Any story that happened on the 1st of the year and doesn't break until mid-february, is certainly worth questioning from that in itself.

Take my word for it, Brady Quinn is a class individual. The guys I know who are friends with him are first rate, as is his family. When I heard this, my initial reaction to this was that it was just so unlikely, that Quinn wasn't capable of doing something like this. Before Quinn had ruled it out, I just didn't think it should have even been a story. In our media obsessed world, I knew that bloggers would have a hay-day with it. That said, I was pleasantly surprised at the Cleveland Browns board in which I discuss the team on was 100% behind our young Quarterback. They said even if true, it didn't matter because we care how Brady Quinn plays football.

Aside from that, 'fag' is a near universally accepted term now-a-days. I call friends that some 20 odd times in 1 night of hanging out with them, all the while I have nothing against gay people and I treat everyone with the same respect regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference. Just like I know Brady Quinn does.


  1. I call people faggots all the time. Who cares?

    This is when being a journalist can be embarrassing. Writing this garbage is pointless for a newspaper.

  2. easy mevs.
    claiming "faggot" lacks bite to it nowadays is extremely thin ice.
    i understand your point but in the same breath plenty of people are hurt by the most casual of terms.
    i can guarantee that he wasn't using it to call the people outside that bar the way its thrown around from middle schools to frat houses.
    hardly "near-universally accepted"
    do i think your boy brady did anything unlawful? no... but i'm sure as recognizable as brady is, he should watch his mouth in public, he's paid plenty to do so.