Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Highlights from Super Bowl Media Day

I wasn't lucky enough to attend media day, but I have to admit that just hearing about it is pretty cool. It's all hype and hoopla, but it's also a pretty good look at each team that will be competing in the biggest sporting event of the year.

-Plaxico Buress predicted a 23-17 victory for the New York Giants. That was probably the highlight. Amani Toomer backed up Burress adding that he supports his teammate in his prediction.

-A 'bride' reporter showed up saying that she wanted to marry Tom Brady.

-Michael Strahan alluded to the fact that this could be it for his playing career. He said that it would be a great thing for his career to go out winning the Super Bowl, but it also is huge for him to say that he can go out still playing at a high level. This has to be the final game in a legendary career for 'the gap'.

That's the most of it. For more details check out ESPN Hashmarks.

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