Saturday, September 8, 2007

Morning quick hits before the football begins

Happy saturday. God it's a great day here on earth. Football all day today, all day tomorrow. Last year on my old blog on the night before NFL opening sunday I wrote a post titled 'On the Eve of all that is great in sports'. That is how I am feeling today. There isn't much that can get me down today. Not even the fact that Charlie Frye will be my team's starting QB tomorrow.

I stopped by over at We Are the Postmen, where they game their season predictions for every division in the NFL. They picked the Browns dead last in the division, while saying 'The Browns are bad as ever'. It's amazing to me how much these major blog sites (in which I like I might add) fail to be objective just like the networks (cough! ESPN) that they presumably chuckle at each and every day. Postmen obviously fail to do much homework on the Brownies, they simply are throwing up an easy predicition, or what they think will be. It sure would be fun if that fatty Crennel and his gang of sidekicks could serve up some shitburgers to bloggers like We Are the Postmen and Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Speaking of Kissing Suzy Kolber, they're running the show over at my favorite blog; Deadspin today. That's all fine and dandy, I'll admit I read KSK about as much as the next guy, I stop by there usually twice a day, but it's like the Howard Stern effect. You know, the more you dislike the guy--the more you listen to him because you don't know what the dickhead will say next. While I cannot question their football knowledge (it seems they do know about the most obscure of players), and there are a few of them that are very good writers; their concept gets old. I understand the point of their 'football blog' is for satire. The fact that they continually go over the top doesn't bother a guy who lived 3 years in a frat house like me, in fact I like it. It's the fact that they're condescending little pricks I think that bothers me. Ok, so your blog gets a shitload of hits. I don't think that counts for you owning the gumball machine in life and me just having a gumball.

I also don't like the fact that Will Leitch lets those guys run the show as 'weekend editors' of a great site like Deadspin. Deadspin is the site that got me into blogs when it first started in 2005. I think it is neat that different bloggers from around the net get to be the weekend editor, it's a really cool feature. Obviouslly Leitch needs time off too, although I think he still has his hand in things quite a bit even when he is 'off'. I just think it's tough that KSK writers get to run the show over there all weekend so anyone who they've decided they don't like can forget about getting a link over there. It's not just all about links either. It's a weird thing, it's like a whole 'blogger' popularity contest. I could care less about the links, the hits, the comments. That matters none to me, I do it because I best express myself by getting my thoughts down and I like having record of each thing as it happens in say; baseball, or football. But since I've been doing this for two years, there is a condescending attitude towards you if you're not one of the 'untouchables'. These people are people like Dan Shanoff, Nation of Islam Sports Blog, Deadspin, KSK (like I've mentioned), Mr. Irrelevant, Free Darko, AOL Fanhouse, With Leather, The Dugout, basically the pundits that Kissing Suzy Kolber links.

For instance you ask a guy like Dan Shanoff to link your blog to get some exposure? Forget it buddy. You won't even get a response. Not if you're not one of the 'elite' few. I even wrote him an email to tell him that I like his style on his blog, because he seems to always touch on the 8-10 interesting points of sports each day and it really is good as refresher each morning to read before I write. You think he'd even responded? Nope. It's because I wasn't part of what I like to call the 'blogger circle jerk'. Now in all defense of Deadspin, and Mr. Leitch--they do their best to NOT play into this crap. They have a column daily called 'Blogdome' and they do a great job at spreading the love around to different sites, something that is awesome. The fact that they only let these certain people be Deadspin editors though? It's assnine. It's also bad for the site itself and I hope it doesn't go unrealized. For instance, how many times do you think I'm going to want to stop by Deadspin today to see Unsilent Majority linking himself on Deadspin? I doubt I'm the only person in blogworld that feels like this. There's also a majority horde of posters at Deadspin and Kissing Suzy Kolber that will go just for this bullshit, I guess the perspective changes if you're part of the orgy.

Ok, rant over. Just thought I'd throw that out there--it just seems as if the mighty few don't have any respect or use for the newbies who work hard and have a passion for what they do. You'd think they'd want to help someone or show them the ropes, that is what good people do. When I played ball for instance, I'd always love to help teach a younger kid know how to hit. I knew I hit well, it didn't make me feel threatened that he was an up and comer....I don't know.

Last night on ESPN (I was up very very late), something happened that actually amused me! Chris Berman aka The Swami picked the Cleveland Browns to upset the Pittsburgh Steelers tomorrow 19-16! I loved it. This is totally against the biased nature of ESPN usually picking the Browns to go 0-16. I like the pick too, I really do, as I've been saying this team is going to win this game since last spring.

Lots of people are picking against the New York Giants and I guess I can totally understand it. Mark Schlereth has the Cowboys going up big time 34-20, as does Peter King (not a surprise when you factor in his man-love for Tony Romo). I have to say I don't know what it is making me pick against the Cowboys, other than I think the Titanic will sink with Wade Phillips steering the ship, and I don't believe the hype surrounding Romo.

The Giants are a team I follow very closely due to my fiance and father in-law. I also really like Eli Manning and think he's a class act. He's quieter than Peyton so he doesn't make me want to strangle myself. He's a great QB. Think about this: if he's in any other city other than New York where the media has basically determined there is a QB problem with Eli, he's appreciated as being at least a very good quarterback. To sell papers, they've basically infected many with the thought that he's incompetent for that job there. If they run that kid out of town they're going to be sorry. He's got some Elway in him for sure. He's got moxy. He's a Manning, which might be why many criticsize and hate on the kid, but I tell you what it's also a hell of a bloodline for QB's, and I think this is truly the year he 'proves it' without a shadow of a doubt. If he can put up numbers on a team like the Giants this season that won't be in the playoffs, there is nothing left (for a bit anyways) that the media and other fans can say. I hope that Eli serves up some shitburgers and I'm excited to watch the Giants tomorrow night on ESPN.

To finish up on the Giants/Eli situation, I also have to bring up Tiki Barber. Tiki was a guest on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning yesterday. He answered tough questions and basically said he wasn't saying anything in questioning Eli's leadership that wasn't already known. The media blew it out of proportion and Tiki was simply reacting to his old team because he knows a lot about them and that is what his bosses at his network want him to do. When asked by Mike Greenberg if he truly thought that Eli had what it took to get to a championship, Tiki answered with a resounding 'Yes I do.' That is a nice vote of confidence and while I think Tiki should tone it down a bit and not sound like a bitter Willie Mays of football 40 years his younger, it was nice to hear him say that.


I'm really looking forward to seeing how Vince Young, Jason Campbell, and Rex Grossman do this weekend. I have vested interest since they're all fantasy team members, but I also really like those QB's. Since Brady Quinn isn't going to play barring injuries to Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson, I'm hoping those guys steal the show.

I'm off to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes. I'll be back later. Enjoy the games everyone!


  1. Holy shit, I'm part of the "Untouchables"?! What an honor. Thanks man!

    Mister Irrelevant thanks you for such high praise.

  2. No problem. You know exactly what I'm talking about too. I'm glad you recognized what I felt enough to link to the post.... now take down that dorky picture on your site of yourself.... mmmmk thanks

  3. You got into Deadspin's Blogdome! You've made it, man!

    I think unabashed bitterness is your niche. Run with that.

  4. Poorly written, jealous, whiny, ignorant, possibly written by spiteful 15 year old. Besides that, you almost nailed it!

  5. oh ryan... you're just one of the mutiny

  6. Actually I'm a Browns fan who's ashamed to be associated with fans like you.

  7. You aren't associated with me....

    Why would you be ashamed, what did I do? You're a clown.

  8. So you're saying that anyone should be able to be a weekend editor over a Deadspin?

    Yeah, that would go really well.

  9. Sounds like someone needs to call the "Whhhaaaaaambulence".

    If you're any good and can demonstrate consistency over a long period of time, I'm positive they'd let you play in their reindeer games eventually. You can't just throw up a blog and expect the kudos to come rolling in overnight... or hell even over a year.

  10. are you serious?

    mad because other bloggers out there actually draw a readership?

    instead of bitching about other blogs NOT promoting you...why not do something different? why not make your blog something that people CAN'T ignore???

    the notion that these other blogs OWE you something is a joke.

    do you have ANY idea how much email people like shanoff and leitch get?

    do you have any idea how many other little bloggers like YOU send out there links everyday to places like withleather and deadspin and tbl, etc???

    you keep denying that you care about hits and, then WHY bitch that other blogs don't recognize you?

    instead of blaming them....look in the mirror...

    they made it because they are good.

    you aren't.


    the truth hurts.

  11. Sounds like someone needs to call the "Whhhaaaaaambulence".


    Other than that you do make good points

  12. Calling your blog's visitors names? Gee, why don't they let you over at the other sites?

    I'm ashamed that my favorite team's fanbase (and presumably my hometown) consists of people like you. You seem real happy about Brady Quinn. Know who else probably is? My cousin. He used to pound AJ Colby.

    I may be a clown, but at least I make people laugh.

  13. You have given me faith that any asshat can get linked to deadspin. You are in inspiration, but it's sort of ironic that the KSK guys finally gave you the money shot.

  14. Sir,

    Is this some sort of joke?

    Some sort of satirical entry, written at the expense of the Nation of Islam Sportsblog?

    Lumping us in with such ridiculous blogs as you listed is the ultimate insult.

    Our righteous blog is the only untouchable. The notion that you would suggest those other blogs as being our peers is a vicious attempt to both insult us and undermine our prestigious perch at the top of Blogfrica.

    Additionally, we see through your attempt to mention us to use our far reaching influence to gain readers.

    We can only assume that your choosing to use such tactics to insult us and minimize our blog revered blog is racially motivated.

    Why else would you include us in your diatribe?

    You hate Negroes.

    We will pray for you.

  15. oh...and almost forgot:

    email us, friend.

    We promise to email you back!

    Since Shanoff hurt your feelings, we'll be your pen pals?



  16. please let me know which upcoming weekend you will let me edit your blog. kthxbai

  17. Begging for links. More sad or less sad than begging for sex?


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I'd say begging for sex is probably more tragic, but begging for links is definitely more sad.

    And paying for sex is both sad and tragic.

  20. yeah...but....if you don't care about links....why would you complain about links?

    nobody links to my blog, but that's because it's shitty and i don't update it. you don't see me slitting my wrists.

  21. Boy, somebody's pussy hurts.

    And like burnsy said, what's assnine?

    Let it go, asiwipe.

  22. ok i have huge problem your main point was that they only care about the elite few, but i am not a deadspin commentor and have not been approved by rob i. but i wrote dan shanoff an email a few months ago and he wrote a personal response the next day, so i think that sort of blows up your thesis.

  23. was just checking out your site meter....thanks to deadspin linking to your tripe, your TOTAL hits since you started this crappy blog DOUBLED in two days...LOL.

    Now, after your deadspin swale, you will fall back into your obscure existance.

    Your fifteen minutes are up.

    Enjoy going back to your 100 hits a day. Doubt you will ever get a link on one of the 'elite' blogs again.

    of course, the fact you are a crappy writer and don't offer any interesting perspectives has NOTHING to do with it. it's all a conspiracy against you.


  24. I'd absolutely tear all of you apart starting with DavetheWave, but I don't care enough to waste the time doing it.

  25. "I'd absolutely tear all of you apart starting with DavetheWave, but I don't care enough to waste the time doing it."

    i hope you mean physically.

    cause if you mean verbally, the body of evidence from your work indicates that.....YOU SUCK at writing.

  26. Hey Dave, my academic credentials would beg to differ with you about my writing. Of course, I'm not proofreading like I did for my term papers in college.

    BTW: Where's your blog so I can see what a good writer's work looks like?

  27. "Hey Dave, my academic credentials would beg to differ with you about my writing. Of course, I'm not proofreading like I did for my term papers in college.

    BTW: Where's your blog so I can see what a good writer's work looks like?"

    holy shit! you weren't kidding. you DID tear me apart!! damn. BURN! you got me good!

    college you went to college? again, holy shit!! college! wow!

    i take back everything i said!

    you are AMAZING!

    my blog is located the same place yours is.....abject and eternal obscurity.